The Heart of Iowa Wine Trail is a partnership of 8 member wineries and 1 meadery. We work cooperatively to promote awareness and visibility for Iowa's rapidly growing grape and wine industry and the wine trail wineries here in the "Heart Of Iowa" who are a big part of it. Surprisingly, many Iowans don't know about Iowa wine, and most are quite surprised to discover that there are 104 wineries to be found throughout Iowa. Our mission is an important one given how close Iowa's wine industry has come to extinction.

Between 1860s, when early pioneers first grew grapes in Iowa, and today, Iowa viticulture was nearly exterminated by freezing winters, Prohibition, and the indiscriminate use of the herbicide 2,4-D. Our wine making industry nearly disappeared with it.

Fortunately, viticulture and ecology are experiencing a miraculous rebirth in Iowa, and The Heart of Iowa Wine Trail is working hard to reacquaint Iowans with their past. We invite fellow Iowans and visitors alike to connect with this unique aspect of Iowa's heritage - Iowa wines. Our member wineries are eager to welcome you, and we guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised by your discoveries.